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 Spring Meadow

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PostSubject: Spring Meadow   Mon Feb 18, 2013 3:36 pm

Chloe Heart wiggled her little tale as she lifted her nose to the air to sniff. She thought she could smell something different enter the area, but now she couldn't pick up on it. She shrugged a little and went back to walking through the flower meadow. The blooms were beautiful this time of year, late spring after a spring shower. The curvy little hare was wearing a white sundress and no shoes with a straw hat upon her head to guard from the midday sun. In her basket she had some food to munch on while she read. Her first week off of school, she intended to be here a lot during the summer and catch up on her romance, and erotica, reading. She sat down carefully and got comfortable in the grass.
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Spring Meadow
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