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 OH hai there *waves*!

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PostSubject: OH hai there *waves*!   Fri May 03, 2013 1:34 am

So yes it has been a long time! I decided to start getting back into forums and such. I have lately been straying away from roleplaying and a lot of other things, but that is going to change now. Been doing more artwork lately and now more rping. I need to work on my writing skills. X3 I have been having the itch to write a book again. Man if you guys took a trip into my head. XD Anyways, you will be hearing more from me now and if you are interesting in rping with me hit me up with a pm and such. I will soon be putting up a random website that has a few of my chara to help out. So :3

~Wandering Wolf~

OH ALSO! If you are interested in getting artwork done for your furry characters hit me up! I am trying to get more commissions cause I am trying to save up for things so. Just ya! Pm me. ;3

Always wandering down my own paths. To see the world before me. To see it in it's true light. To see with wolves' eyes.
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PostSubject: Re: OH hai there *waves*!   Fri May 03, 2013 7:15 pm

Hello! *waves* Don't know you, but hi!! lol.. One day I might be able to commission something, I'll keep you in mind Smile
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OH hai there *waves*!
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