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PostSubject: Keeping Free   Keeping Free I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 05, 2012 3:47 am

After the Earth got used up, we found a new Solar System, and hundreds of new Earths were tereformed and colonized.
The central planets formed the Alliance and decided all planets had to be under their rule.
There was some disagreement on that point.
After the war, many of the Independents that had fought and lost, drifted to the edges of the system.
Far from Alliance control.
Out here, people struggle to get by with the most basic technologies.
A ship could bring you work, a gun could help you keep it.
A Captain's goal was simple.
Find a crew.
Find a job.
Keep flying.

The Alliance formed out of the alliance between the US and China back on Earth-that-was. They funded the generational ships, the tereforming, and then brought all planets and moons under their rule. Core Planets are the richest and have the best of everything. The rich live here, then of course those who service them. Slavery is big, legalized by calling slaves 'indentured'-it's a never ending cycle, because how much time a person owes is always being added onto to keep them fed, clothed, and housed. It also usually passes from generation to generation, never fully paying off the debts. Sometimes the Alliance will turn their heads if they need people to colonize difficult environments for them, and will allow slave-traders to round people up, and sell them to wealthy folks willing to help fund colonization. The cultures are a mix of Chinese and the Old West. Other then that, I'm leaving it open to development.

A young woman easily, gracefully, made her way through the crowded planet. Being half way between the Core Planets, and Border Planets, the two different cultures of east meets west was rather pronounced. Words flew back and forth, a mix of English, slang, and Chinese. It was all normal to the girl though, it should well be to anyone. The girl's ears twitched this way and that, searching for any sounds that might indicate she was being fallowed. Her icy aqua eyes looked for signs of slave traders or feds. She was on the run, a slave who had been fighting for her freedom for a very long time. She had finally gotten free, and though it had been at least a month sense she'd gotten away, the girl was still rather nervous they'd catch up to her at any time. She would feel much better when she was on a ship, working as a mechanic or something, headed for the Border Planets. Never again would she be someone's slave, she would rather die.
Her fluffy white tail twitched once she was out of the crowd, eyes peering up to the space ships that were waiting. With a deep breath, she started walking past, shouting to the crew waiting for passengers, asking if they needed a mechanic, anything.
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PostSubject: omgholycrapwtfuhnn~   Keeping Free I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 19, 2012 2:53 pm

your brief story was beautiful in words. it almost made me cry just reading it, and the slave sounds cute too x3!!! if you write a book tell me the title so i can have first dibs please!!!!
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Keeping Free
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