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Raiko Blazer
Raiko Blazer

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Name: Raiko Blazer
Race: War-god
age: Unknown
Height: 6'7½
Weight: 198 lbs
Status: Married/ mated
Wife name:

Bio: Born in a small village near the top of mount Fuji known as Ashfield Village. Raiko was one of the many poor residence of said Village but unlike most Raiko refused to accept his fate laying down deciding to take the stuff for the village by force. So one night when the empires army was camping out in there Village Raiko started stealing supplies from their wagons hidding it away to use in future emergencies. This at first was a chore but slowly with each successful raid the task became a bit easier tell Raiko was the age of ten & was able to easily steal a man's Gold from them in pure daylight with whole forces around.
For years he had done this but finally he made the one mistake that cost him, he had accidently stolen the King's golden blade during his finally raid which in turn put the knights against his village. Fearing for his villages safety Raiko confessed his sins & was to be executed for his crimes when one man spoke in his defense a man clad in golden armor. He called off the execution then spoke to Raiko making him a challenge that if he could escape him that he could go without any problems. Accepting this challenge Raiko bolted into the city able to amazingly move past objects in his way but the golden knight seemed to stick on his tail all the way before Raiko finally made a gutsy move. Making a quick U-turn he bolted back toward the castle sliding through the knights legs as he bolted toward the gate then leapped up seeming to fly as he latched onto one of the top of tower grabbing the only window before he started to swing back & forth then leapped from the Castle shooting over the iron walls of the city before crashing into the water outside the wall.
Having escaped the city Raiko returned to his village but was shocked to find only the shimmering remains of what once his proud village. Overcame with rage & Grief Raiko searched through the village looking for any survivors but found none. The clouds overhead seemed to burst with it's own tears in the form of rain as Raiko sat in the center of his village his fur slicked down against him from the cold as tears rolled down his cheek mixing with the rain before he felt a Armored hand touch his shoulder. The golden knight had found him but what happened next surprised even Raiko, The Knight removed the helmit revealing the face of a old wolf with a long white coat but with soft eyes. To Raiko's surprise it was none other then the silver fang Dawn.
Raiko followed Dawn from then on seeing her first as a friend, a teacher, a master, then finally as his mother. Years passed before Dawn was finally taken from the world by a virus uncurable during those times but the legend only grew from then cause Her only Pupil now had master the style of Fangoris-shinpo. Raiko quickly raised through the ranks of the military gaining his title as Blazing Fang. For years he fought for the king tell one incident. A boy from a poor village had been caught & was to be executed for theift, at first Raiko was prepared to let what was suppose to be done be done but then the final lesson Dawn had tought him filled his mind that every person had to choose their own destiny. So with that thought in mind he broke the boy from the Exection then lead him out of the city before sending him back to his village telling him to save his village while he held off the king's men.
Deciding to put it all on the line Raiko fought the whole Empire's army alone nearly dieing tell a odd energy engulfed his body & Fists, he had achieved what even Dawn had not the true power of the Fang. With his new found power he wipped out the army but left no deaths as he vanished into the forest fading from the worlds eyes. Rumors flooded the land of what Raiko had done & soon he was called the God of war, having single handedly defeated the Empires army which had never lost a single war.
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